A resource and running commentary on stylish London

  • IMG_5501

    Vintage furs with a twist, if you hurry!

    I know… It’s been a little while since stylishmews has posted anything new and interesting. Today I popped into a little mews tucked away in the heart of Chelsea to…

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    Summer Fashion Footnote

    As you have gathered from some of my previous posts, Gabriella Ligenza is one of my favourite shops in London. Since last summer I have been sporting a pair of black raffia…

  • 20140721-112646-41206796.jpg

    The Spanish do it again!

    Walking down the Kings Road this morning, a new shop appeared on my fashion radar (next to one of my other favourite Spanish shops, Bimba y Lola ) called El Ganso. El Ganso is a…

  • Multi_story_Peckham

    Peckham, did you say?

    If you find yourself this summer wondering “what are we going to do tonight?” here is a suggestion: Fire up your GPS Enter: Multi Storey Car Park 95a Rye Lane Peckham…

  • IMG_4315

    Meeting up with like minded strangers

    On the last Saturday of every month Contemporary Key, organises bespoke walking tours in and around London making the Contemporary Art Scene accessible and fun! The creative hubs…

  • 20140515-113034.jpg

    A few little things that caught my eye

    I know. It’s been ages since you heard from stylishmews. Apologies… For those of you out there who know me, you know I have an uncanny ability to spot things. Like the…

  • IMG_3467

    Local London Libations Part Two

    Who knew that on a small street in the backwaters of Hammersmith, West London,  one could find an authentic gin distillery? Not just any old distillery… Sipsmith…

  • IMG_3392

    Local London Libations part one…

    Two consecutive posts (this one and the one that follows) regarding wine & spirits might give you the wrong impression about stylishmews. Let me explain… A few weeks ago…

  • (Credit: Showtime)

    The closest thing to being on an episode of Homeland

    I normally try to visit, taste, or experience the things I write about on stylishmews. This is one occasion when I am going to put that premise aside and write about something I…

  • 20131212-182740.jpg

    Over the river and through the woods to Tottenham Court Road we go!

    I am going to let you in on my most recent discovery. If you are a stylishmews follower and consider yourself a bit of a reluctant shopper, get yourself to Tottenham Court Road.…

  • opera-web-image-1-1

    La la la la la la la la la….

    London is always full of surprises! Tonight I was invited to attend a very intimate soirée held at the Royal College of Music by my very cultured friend M. Thanks to her, I had…

  • Come discover with me what is found behind these blue doors

    Are you free, Wednesday February 5, 2014 ?

    I generally vet the places and things I recommend on stylishmews. For the purposes of this post, I am going to break with tradition and invite you to join me at 6:30pm at the…

  • market-map

    Little Miss Curious goes to Brixton

    Brixton has been in the news quite a bit lately. Last week the Queen and Camilla, aka the Duchess of Cornwall, jointly visited the Ebony Horse Club in the heart of South…

  • images-1

    A Saturday in London

    A friend asked me recently… “what is the point of your blog, exactly”? It is a legitimate question which I addressed in my very first post. I like to explore and…

  • Grand_Hotel__Spain_s_answer_to_Downton_Abbey_

    A Spanish Downton?

    What is a woman like you watching a show like this? When it comes to television, you might say my taste borders on stylishly low brow and eclectic. I am a sucker for period dramas…

  • If  Science Fiction 2011 | Marquetry on carved wood. Lacquered

    Wood you believe it?

    The thought of driving to Bermondsey for the exclusive preview brunch of an artist, was not what I felt like doing on a rainy Sunday morning. My friend, the brilliant Latin…

  • 09-_southbank_centre_vintage_festival_present_the_classic_car_boot_sale_credit_belinda_lawley

    What is a boot sale?

    Attention all foreigners: when an English person tells you to put your things in the boot of the car, what they actually are referring to is the trunk (why didn’t they say…

  • 7720923121

    stylish Sonia’s savoury snacks

    Sonia is one of the most elegant women I know. She also happens to be a very good cook who rarely, if ever, makes use of a recipe. That is why I jumped at the chance to observe…

  • image

    Into the light and out of the dark

    Meeting Jay Blades, the co-founder of  Out of the Dark leaves quite an impression. I had read about the charity and the support they were receiving from the likes of Heals, John…

  • image

    VVG in gaie Paree (aka Vincent Van Gogh in Paris)

    As I walked down St George Street, sandwiched between Hanover Square and Conduit Street, just when I thought it couldn’t get better (read my previous post) than Houghton…

  • 20130924-075909.jpg

    Anyone home?

    Never drop in on anyone unannounced, unless, of course, you happen to be visiting Houghton Hall in Norfolk on a Monday or Tuesday. Earlier this summer I had to postpone my visit…

  • London Stories 01

    A 1-ON-1-ON-1 FESTIVAL

    The Battersea Arts Centre is a truly magnificent building in the old Battersea Town Hall at the top of Lavender Hill. Over the past 120 years, this building has been a focal…

  • Tattoos-group-low-res-1

    Pillow talk

    This morning I reviewed my notes and invited a friend to join me on the next stylishmews research and reconnaissance outing. By chance, as I was walking towards Sloane Square,…



    I am a person who falls into the category of shopping without a purpose. For those of you out there who either love or abhor shopping, who delight in discovering something new or…

  • Unknown

    It’s never too late, but hurry!

    This is a last minute suggestion. Watch the trailer below and go see Mary & Bill this Wednesday June 26 at 7:00pm. If the film is as good as the trailer, we are all in for a…

  • jacques-fath-paris-1951---expo-willy-maywald

    Hats off to you

    Once upon a time, I was invited to Ascot. This gave me the perfect excuse to go out and make the acquision of a hat. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon Gabriela Ligenza, a…

  • title-treatment

    Book tickets now!

    You are going to thank me! Why? Read on… Last night was the first night of a new play called Passion at the Duke of York’s Theatre. Olivier Award-winner Zoë…

  • IMG_2143

    Pop up shops come and go

    I am a great fan of pop up shops, especially if they pop up in a central part of London. Charlotte Taylor, has just opened a temporary shop off of Sloane Square, at number 54…

  • 12_alchemy_food_market

    Attention Indian Food Lovers

    If you are going to the Southbank Centre this weekend, give yourself some extra time and drop by the Taste of India Festival. You are in for a real treat, that is, if you are a…

  • IMG_1938

    F is for food

    For some, what comes to mind when hearing the “F” word is an expletive. The only thing I can think of when the letter “F” is mentioned is Food…

  • LN-CC_entrance_2246100b

    stylishmews in wonderland

    I promised you my posts would never be boring. A few months ago I read about a retail concept, the Late Night Chameleon Cafe, in Dalston. Dalston? Where the heck is Dalston? If…

  • IMG_0262

    Dasha Zhukova has something to say

    Do you have 9+ minutes you can spare? Good, because the video, which hurrah, I have figured out how to embed (easy for some of you, monumentally difficult pour moi) is a…

  • HarrisTweed-logo

    Look for this label

    My running commentary on London has gotten a little sidetracked… Let’s just say, we are temporarily moving north; Scotland to be precise…to the Isle of Lewis.…

  • IMG_0256

    What a Judas Kiss

    I have described my blog as a running commentary on stylish London. For the purposes of this post I am going to throw that concept (stylish) out the window and share with you what…

  • IMG_1802

    The freshest Burrata this side of Puglia

    You can never go back to Mozzarella once you have tried the unctuous, creamy texture of Puglian Burrata. Fortunately, for those of us living in London, all we need to do is stop…

  • IMG_1793

    The Brits love their tea

    As I mentioned in my previous post, a lot of what I am going to share with you are the places and things you might not necessarily come across or know about London. The next time…

  • IMG_1782

    First time for everything!

    To say I am a novice at this whole blog thing is a bit of an understatement. If you happen to stumble upon my somewhat unorthodox approach, just think of me as that…

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