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Jumper or Sweater?

A few years ago a Nordic Noir Crime Drama appeared on the BBC called The Killing. I became obsessed with the show, its main character Sarah Lund, and the only article of clothing which kept appearing and re-appearing in each episode, a snowflake design jumper (see below). Apparently, I was not the only member of this fan club. When the Duchess of Cornwall visited Denmark (aka the former Camilla Parker Bowles) she met the actor on set and was given her very own Faroese jumper. Prince Charles said it was one of the only TV shows they could agree on seeing together.

Sophie on The Killing set with the Duchess of Cornwall

The Duchess of Cornwall being given her very own jumper by Söfie Gabrøl on the set of the Killing

Not to be outdone by the Duchess of Cornwall, I was able to track down the makers of this jumper and ordered my very own. Which now brings me to the point of this post…


Gudrun Ludvig and Gudrun Rógvadóttir, the driving forces behind Gudrun & Gudrun Photo: Andy Sewell

Gudrun & Gudrun is the company credited with the manufacturing and design of this chunky, white and black Faroe jumper. Based on the Faroe Islands which are located 800 miles from Copenhagen, all of its knitwear is made using untreated and un-dyed wool from biproducts, so no animals are used purely for production. Much of the collection is handmade by Faroese, Jordanian and Peruvian women; part of the Gudrun & Gudrun Women Empowerment Project in Jordan.


In the 1900s it was traditional for Faroese men from the age of 14 to spend six months of the year at sea. Women knitted the stiff, itchy clothing to keep them warm, the designs varying from family to family. When the shipping boats returned in the autumn, the women would look to the horizon, and often they could recognise the pattern on the sweater quicker than the man’s face.

Imagine my surprise walking around Shoreditch last week when I spotted a shop with the label Gudrun & Gudrun on the window.


Located at 30A Redchurch Street, this little gem of a shop features a panoply of hand knit jumpers, cardigans, dresses, hats, coats and more. I spent a good hour ogling over a variety of the softest knitwear.

There are many shops, restaurants and cafés dotted along Redchurch Street. Gudrun & Gudrun adds a unique dimension to the street and its environs. If you are a knitwear aficionado, you will certainly appreciate what’s on offer from the Faroe Islands!

Gudrun & Gudrun
30A Redchurch Street
E2 7DP London
Phone: +44 (0)7425 974 936


The pop up shop is open until the end of March

3 Responses to “Jumper or Sweater?”

  1. sabinesmouha

    I can feel Your excitent ! I loved that tv series too, great jumper for a cold and crisp day! Nice colours! Thank you and i agree with G , you write very well:)


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