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Dasha Zhukova has something to say

Do you have 9+ minutes you can spare?

Good, because the video, which hurrah, I have figured out how to embed (easy for some of you, monumentally difficult pour moi) is a brilliantly produced piece of social commentary from someone the press normally associates with a certain “Roman Abramovich”. As in his girlfriend and partner, Dasha Zhukova. After watching this short documentary, the description “girlfriend” will seem irrelevant. The woman has a head on her shoulders with a lot to say.

Fashion week whether it plays out in New York, Paris, London or Milan has become quite a spectacle. Some might say a carnival or circus.
I can remember the days when CNN’s Elsa Klensch, the grande doyenne of journalistic fashion television, could be found backstage interviewing designers without the kinetic energy and mayhem that surrounds every fashion week from here to Timbuktu.

Sure, there were always mountains of photographers screaming out, gathered at the end of the runway, strobe lights flashing. There was chaos backstage with models in states of dress and undress, make up being touched up, hair being pinned, blown, and combed out. What did not exist was an atmosphere of desperation, of people hanging around, wanting to be famous by association or affiliation.

Take My Picture,  the documentary below, highlights and raises questions about street style photography as both an irritant and a celebration of the democratization of the fashion industry. In the film, Tim Blanks wonders what it’s all for, and wonders if one day someone is going to get hit by a car posing for the perfectly unposed fashion shot. Tommy Ton, Susie Bubble and Phil Oh give their point of view surrounding the phenomena of street fashion photography.

What this documentary does so brilliantly is juxtapose the blogger phenomena with a group of women who borrow outrageous clothes hoping to get noticed or photographed.
On the one hand we can celebrate the fact that anyone can be involved in the conversation of fashion. At the other end of the spectrum we are made to question the shallow pursuit of fashion celebrity.

As far as this blogger is concerned, Dasha Zhukova has a lot more to say.

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