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The Spanish do it again!

Walking down the Kings Road this morning, a new shop appeared on my fashion radar (next to one of my other favourite Spanish shops, Bimba y Lola ) called El Ganso.

El Ganso is a Spanish brand I discovered last summer in Majorca. Think Ralph Lauren with a European twist. Colourful. Quirky. Fun. Although the Spanish could be considered traditional when it comes to fashion, they do have a certain style and elegance which is part of this brand’s DNA.


El Ganso is first and foremost a menswear line. If you are looking to outfit your favourite guy in a not so humdrum pair of trousers, shorts, shirt or jacket this might be a shop to consider. From the tailoring of the jackets, the lining and trim of the shorts and trousers, or the collar on the shirts, these clothes will not disappoint. Need a pair of Khaki pants or pink shorts?  There is enough variety to satisfy the extremely conservative to the most adventurous of dressers.


If you do not like colour, you can always settle for a khaki pair of shorts.

An entire section of the shop is devoted to an enormous selection of sneakers (aka trainers) in a myriad of colours, materials and surprising combinations. It took me about 20 minutes before settling upon a pair. I proudly brought them home and showed them to my son who gave them his stamp of approval and pronounced them “cool”.

Guess which colour I chose?

Guess which colour I chose?

I was surprised to discover that 2 other stores already exist in London on Carnaby Street and in Covent Garden. Maybe I should get out a little more often!

El Ganso King´s Road Men – Women – Tailoring
94 Kings Road
London SW3 4TZ
+44 (0) 207 581 5343
Monday-Saturday 10:00-19:00
Sunday 12:00-18:00
View in map


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